After their beloved son Colby died, the Cassanis' decision to donate his organs saved the lives of three others. The Cassanis' story is one of hope experienced through donation. Others have experienced the life-saving gift of hope through receiving a donated organ. We are pleased to introduce you to Jeffie.

It is a beautiful autumn day, the kind that Jeffie enjoys most; where she can go out and see the changing leaves and the bright colors of fall. The fall of 1999 was not looking quite so bright due to the fact that Jeffie was in full kidney failure and spending much of her time connected to a kidney dialysis machine or trying to recover her strength just to do some day-to-day chores. However, her life changed drastically when she received a kidney transplant in May of 2000. “I have been doing really well ever since the transplant,” says Jeffie. “I wrote a letter of appreciation to the family, but I have never heard anything back from them. The donor was a four year old, so I am sure that the pain of their loss was terrible!”

Jeffie, now a vibrant 62 year old woman, enjoys writing poetry, taking long walks and looking at the leaves and the flowers. None of these things was possible when she was in kidney failure. She states that she has to take three anti-rejection medications but she does that gladly due to the sacrifice that the donor family made for her. “We just had a new grandchild born, and I would not have been around to see him enter this world if it were not for the donor family.” Jeffie’s daughter, Shermoin, is grateful for the donor family as well. “My daughter will graduate from high school this year and my mother is here to watch her walk across the stage. We are grateful to have her here and we appreciate the gift of life that the donor family was able to give to us.”

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