Every day more Americans are added to the list of people waiting for transplants. Our organ shortage is a growing crisis.

Real people from all walks of life need and receive transplants. Transplant recipients get their lives back when people like you and me donate.

Did you know that one person’s decision to donate can save or improve the lives of up to 50 other people?

Once you decide that you want to be an organ and tissue donor, be sure to tell your family. Keeping everyone informed will help avoid any confusion or delays. Most people are surprised to learn that in some states, family consent, and not just a donor card or registration, is required for donation. We have made it easy for you. Just click the icons below.



Organ And Tissue Donation Works
One donor may save or improve the lives of fifty others:

  • A kidney transplant can save a life and eliminate the need for dialysis which can take from 12 to 15 hours a week.
  • A pancreas transplant means a diabetic needs no more insulin injections.
  • An intestine transplant allows a person who was being fed intravenously to eat again.
  • Heart, heart/lung, lung and liver transplants save lives.
  • Cornea transplants restore lost sight.
  • Bone transplants are used to repair joints and save limbs threatened by cancer.
  • Donated skin provides a temporary covering and protection from pain and infection for burn victims
  • A heart valve repairs a poorly functioning heart
  • Veins are used to improve blood flow to the legs and help the recipient avoid amputation.