What Can I Do?

Be a Hero! Be an Organ and Tissue Donor!

More and more Americans need an organ transplant. Our organ shortage is a real crisis. Each of us who donates organs and tissue will save or improve the lives of up to 50 people. Real people like you and me from every walk of life need and receive transplants. Transplant recipients get their lives back when people like you and me donate.  Click the icon and use the links to sign up in your state.


Tell your family and friends:

In many States, families are asked to provide consent before your wish to be an organ and tissue donor will be honored. Talk to all of your loved-ones about your decision. Ask them about theirs. 




What Else Can I Do?

If you have a few minutes...

If you have a few hours...

  • Schedule a discussion with your family. Print the Organ and Tissue Donation section of this website and share it with them. Show them the link for how to become a donor in your state.
  • Talk to your friends about organ and tissue donation. Ask that they talk to their friends.
  • Learn why minorities, in particular, should consider donation.
  • Donate blood and/or platelets.

If you have several hours…

If you have a day or more…