The Colby Foundation awards the Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship Series to qualifying schools of medicine. Our endowment funds a permanent place in the awarded school's curriculum for education about organ, eye, and tissue donation. We invite you to inquire about this endowment.  Or read more about recent and upcoming lectureships.


OSU-CHS medical students attending the Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship series are addressed by Starla Cassani; Colby Foundation founder and trustee and Kirby Slifer, DO; Transplant Intensivist. WICU-TV talks with Starla Cassani at the Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship Series at LECOM 

OUR REQUIREMENTS: Participating schools commit to:

  • introducing at least two half-day lecture assemblies--once during the academic years and once during the clinical years of a medical student’s career;
  • addressing organ and tissue donation’s medical and scientific aspects, state-specific and overall legal and logistical complexities, ethical issues, and personal impact; and
  • applying funds to engage speakers from each of the following disciplines: 
  • Medical professionals or scientific researchers specializing in Organ and Tissue Donation or transplantation
  • Organ procurement professionals
  • Organ and/or Tissue recipients or donor family representatives

Click to View Attendee Evaluations of the Colby Cassani Endowed Lectureship Series
2012 - 2013 (LECOM Bradenton, Erie, and Greensburg; LMU-DCOM; and PNWU)
2011 - 2012 (KCUMB)

OUR ASSISTANCE: The Colby Foundation helps schools seeking our endowment in two ways. We are available to assist with the application process, and we support the Lectureship directly.

We can assist you with the application process by sharing an outline of a CCELS that was implemented successfully at another school. that can help you create a series modeled after a Colby Foundation Endowed Lectureship Series. Or, you can submit a unique proposal as long as it meets our minimum requirements above.

The Colby Foundation supports Lectureship recipients by providing:

  • a biennial endowment to qualifying schools;
  • contact information for medical/scientific and organ procurement speakers, if needed;
  • the recipient or donor family perspective by offering Starla Cassani and others to speak;
  • printed and web-based educational material; and
  • ongoing support and technical assistance to ensure program quality.

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